Business Innovators Magazine and Interview

Richard Kolomy Construction Project

20150324_130602 copyRecently I was asked to do a radio interview about my experience in Construction Project Management.  The interviewer was keen to understand what some of the key challenges are for construction projects, and what specialist skills and knowledge is required in order to successfully deliver them.

In the interview, I explained to the interviewer that there are three aspects of Construction Project Management that I employ in order to achieve a successful delivery: safety, quality and economy.  I go into some depth on all three of these aspects and how to balance their often conflicting dimensions.

That interview has now gone live on Business Innovators Radio and you can listen to it here.  In it we also go through what happens when projects don’t always go to plan, and how to recover in these situations, as well as tips for construction owners on what to look for in a project manager.

Since that interview went live, it has also just been published in the Business Innovators Magazine and can be viewed here.

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